Receiving the Elhuyar partners @ the 5th year celebration of the Maison pour la science en Alsace (MSA)

When Aitziber and Danel arrived on the morning of the 19 of May, they had a fresh curious look we can detect in people engaged in science education. For them, as for us at MSA, science education is a true passion.

They are partners in an ERASMUS + project which is part of MSA global project to open up to Europe. This aims at enriching our experience together with our European counterparts. In the May 19th event they were also invited to make a presentation about the Elhuyar foundation.

Our Basque parteners, Danel Solabarrieta and Altziber Lasa with Elena Iuliani

During the anniversary day I had the opportunity to meet these partners and understand the science education projects they are carrying on in Bilbao.

To better understand their work we must be aware of their context. Bilbao is the capital of the region Basque country, Euskal Herria. As Alsace, the Basque country has his own language. There, the language is learned by everybody at home and is a mandatory subject in most schools. There are many groups and associations, supporting the Basque language and culture, and  Elhuyar, the foundation where Aitziber and Danel work, is one of them. Together with this goal, it also promotes science outreach, with several activities that put together university researchers and high school students. Their main event is the annual science fair, involving 100 researchers and 1155 students.

As I learnt more about their work I happily invited them to get to know the philosophy behind the MSA project. In the hall, before the conference room, there was a display of the most meaningful objects from the MSA tutoring sessions of latest f years. As we walked through the hallway we talked with some of the tutors, that explained their work. What a joy! I was really happy to introduce these amazing people, all working in this super interesting project, to our special guests.

Danel, me and Annabelle Kremer during the coffee break.

People passionate about their work, I find, are always the best. And there, at the 5th year celebration of the MSA at the Palais de l’Université, I found myself surrounded by passionate people working together to a better school. Our guests, Aitziber and Danel, seemed to share my opinion and enthusiasm, as they kept posing questions as the day went by.

Not only we talked with our tutors but we also met some of the speakers. The day was clearly too short to talk with all the interesting people there. But, then again, all the good days are too short!

Altziber Lasa during their presentation.

Thank you Aitziber and Danel for what we’ve learned from you, for your sympathy and for sharing with us this important day.

See you soon!

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  1. Aitziber dit :

    Thank you to the MSA for the invitation. It was a real pleasure to share experiences with you, and participating in your 5th year celebration of the Maison pour la science en Alsace.
    Thank you, Isabel, for your kindness!
    Danel & Aitziber

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