Starting the year 2017 @ Maison pour la science en Alsace

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With the new year, with the freezing winter that covered Strasburg in white, I have started the internship at Maison por la Science en Alsace (MSA) English version

It is really an amazing place to be. There are always interesting ideas floating around, in a nice and friendly environment where people come and go, and time is often marked by the busy agenda of the director. Since day one I had the idea that I could not follow everything. Now I am absolutely sure. Lots of things are happening at the same time, lots of names to retain and of course, as we are in France, lots of acronyms to decipher☺. Despite the kindness of all the team there is no way I could follow all that.

Some things got my attention and even if I cannot mention all of them, the adventure Annabelle Kremer  is living in Antarctica is absolutely striking and worth talking about. This week the team is all over it.

Anabelle is a science teacher that also works at MSA organizing and leading training sessions for teachers. As we complain about the cold here, she is now surrounded by ice, literally at the bottom of the world, with a multidisciplinary team of scientists, all studying different subjects. Among them there are glaciologists, meteorologists, seismologists, biologists and even a medical doctor studying sea sickness.

I am absolutely impressed with Annabelle even if I have met her only twice before she leaved. Her enthusiasm is contagious and as I religiously read her trip journal, I dream of new places to go and learn. It is clear for me, that we learn better in loco, surrounded by amazing people that pass on their passions together with their knowledge.

Her mission  consists in collecting scientific data, which will be afterwards used and discussed in schools, and, of course, describe this amazing experience so that we can all live the adventure with her.

Annabelle publishes her journal in an easy to read, interesting way (dedicated to her students, I suppose, but much appreciated by this non-native speaker ☺ ). She tells us not only about scientific details and the extreme condition she is living in, but also about the little things that make her everyday life: the meals, the sleeping conditions, the troubled multi stage trip that led her to the Dumont d’Urville Station – the French scientific station in Antarctica. Her captivating writing style, together with the superb photos, keeps us readers connected and eager for her next post.

As we wait for the big skype event on Friday, where Annabelle will talk for an audience of about 500 persons here in Strasbourg, all the team is putting up efforts so that nothing fails.

In the meanwhile, take a look at the web site and let me know what you think in any of the 3 languages I (make an effort to) speak.

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3 réponses

  1. alberto dit :

    Muito bom. Muito Bonito. Mas está em inglês…

  2. IGuedes dit :

    Oui Alberto, C’est en Anglais, plus compréhensible pour la majorité…

  3. Thank you Isabel and you are warmly welcome ! And I hope you will take part of many many things of the vortex or shaker 😉

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